Stand Up and Play


So I have this YouTube series called Stand UP and Play and I just made a playlist for it so that you can watch every episode in order.  I’ve also added a “Live” section to the website so that you can watch it there and keep up on new episodes.  Check out the playlist and leave your thoughts!

Only seven episodes so far plus the outtakes and cover songs.  There’s going to be a lot more to come.  Keep an eye out for daily updates of all kinds!


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More Music

I’ve recently released two albums.  CDs will be coming soon and so will free downloads of both albums here on  Thank you to everyone who is keeping an eye on what I do.  This is very hard work and I’m just glad to see that it is starting to pay off.  I want to eventually run some contests to give out my CDs for free.  Not sure what I’m gonna do yet so stay tuned!  For your convenience check out my new albums right down here…

Affinitia – These Other Words – 2012

01. To Follow A Lie

02.Don’t you know that I love you?

03.Crush *Download*

04.In My Car

05.Keep Trying

06.Very Well

07.My Stray Bullet


09.Your Victory Song (Lesser)

10.Wind Tunnels

Written/Recorded by: Tim Urlacher (Affinitia)

Mastered by: JM

Affinitia – Do We Go Wrong? – 2012

01. Memorable Times

02. Allison

03. Cruisin’ Cross Country

04. In A Ditch

05. Cloud Of Smoke

06. Biggest Mistake

07. Hiding The Sunset

08. No Reason/No Rhyme

09. Why Even Try?

10. Guitar Blood

11. Long Way Up

Written/Recorded by: Tim Urlacher (Affinitia)

Mastered by: JM

Thank you for listening!  <3



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Art Gallery Video + Art Giveaway

I am giving away Free art through my Facebook page.  The first five pictures in this video are the one’s involved in the art giveaway.  You can view each piece of artwork here.

All you need to do is go onto the Affinitia Facebook page and share the link regarding my art contest.  Then leave a comment saying whatever you want.  My five favorite comments will each be sent a Premium Quality Affinitia Poster.

If you are a winner then I will “like” your comment on the Facebook post and we will make arrangements to get the picture to you.

*Only US residents are eligible.*

Send an email to if you have any questions or concerns.

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The 7 Commandments of SilverPlanes

This past week has been very exciting.  I can’t believe has been off the ground for a whole week now.  I’m so enthusiastic about this website and all of the projects and ideas I have in the pipeline.  I want you all to know that I respect each and every one of you.  Please always feel free to contact me at and prepare yourselves for some of my website goals/rules.

(Some personal rules I set for myself and my website.)

1. Don’t be greedy.

a) This includes, but is not limited to, making visitors pay for music. 


a) I will not horde the things I create; music, art, animations, drawings, poems, recordings, etc.  It will all eventually leak out.

3. Never Forget.

a) I do this because I love it.  I’ve always loved art and I’ve always been into writing songs, even before I could play any instruments.  I vow to never forget what I love or why I love doing it.  

4. User Friendly.

a) I want people to have a good time when they come to my website.  I want it to be simple to navigate with little to no ads.

5. Keep it Fresh.

a) With my career I work around 40 hours per week.  When I’m not doing that I’m off being a Graphic Artist, Musician, Animator, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Blogger, and Website Owner.  There’s so much that I have to share with this world that I’ll be damned if I don’t keep this website updated daily with the most fresh and original content straight out of my head.

6. Don’t Use others.

a) The last thing I want to do is use anybody.  The word ‘use’ here can be interpreted a couple of different ways.

  • I will not use someone who helps me with a project.  I will give them as little or as much credit requested.
  • I will not use anyone’s art but my own.
  • I will not use other musicians songs unless I am covering a song and giving the artist full credit for their song that I chose to play.

7. Be Polite.

a) I will always be polite when interacting with fans and reviewers.  I fully understand and appreciate constructive criticism.

  • I might occasionally be rude as fuck in my drawings though; but i will not direct that crudeness to a certain person in any situation.

In all seriousness though… THANK YOU, each and every one of you!  Your support is the fuel to my artistic flame.  I hope you enjoy the new look of the site!


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And then there was Hiding The Sunset.


Image created by JM

So when I was in high-school some friends and I started a band that was mostly inspired by Radiohead and Death Cab.  I originally started on the piano so this was the instrument I played in our band.  Things went smoothly for over a year and eventually I started to branch out to the guitar.  Turns out I wasn’t practicing piano as much and had taken up guitar lessons.  I got kicked out of the band and my song Hiding The Sunset was the result; it was my first true guitar song.  During 2011 I recorded a version that I was finally happy with and I’m proud to announce that you can download it for free starting today!!

So you know those loan commercials where the people are always screaming about how they want their money IMMEDIATELY?  Yeah, so do I.  If I had a commercial it would be just like that only instead of money the people were going apeship for music!




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Who needs secrets when you have a blog? 01


So I’m sitting here going through really old recordings that JM was able to recover from my old FOSSIL computer and I’m getting all these ideas and remembering a lot of old lyrics that had been forgotten for so many years.  A lot of these recordings were intended to be my original first album so now I’m finally getting a chance to put it together.  JM masters the songs for me and on some I include special instructions via .txt file.  This old folder with the title “2006” had several different versions of my song Cloud of Smoke.

So I thought it would be cool if JM would mix and master some alternate versions of Cloud of Smoke 2006.  I grabbed the two tracks that I saw the most potential in and I put them into a folder for our new project.  The folder contains a .txt file with my special instructions and I thought it would be fun to share because it will give you some insight into what happens behind the scenes of Affinitia and SilverPlanes.

[I apologize for how sloppy my paragraphs are in the text file, it's usually just my mind spilling out too many ideas at once and my fingers not keeping up.]


This (good version) is an old recording of cloud of smoke but it still sounds alright. Go ahead and see if you can improve the quality and whatnot.

In regards to the version 2 in this folder; I would like everything before approx. 3min 19seconds to be deleted, I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking with all that synth stuff…. but I actually really enjoyed the creativity that I put into the song from 3:19 on to the end. I’m wondering if you could take this good part from ver 2 and make it sound better and stand all on its own. The most important part of this ver 2 is the very end, there’s an eerie part that sounds like a hybrid electric guitar/keyboard [From 4:09 to 4:22] and I want that to have some sort of impact, it should sound strong, but I have an idea of you taking that time span and cutting it then pasting it in and kinda meshing it to make it sound like it’s repeating for like the last 10 seconds of the song…. I want it to fade out while that riff loops eerily in the background like a melancholy siren, in the night, at piano land.

Here’s where it gets tricky.

Can I also have you try to mesh the final cut of ver2 with the final cut of good version somehow? Just to see if they are mixable at all… and I’m curious to see what you can come up with. Perhaps try to mix the EERIE AWESOMENESS from track 2 into the end of track 1? I dunno, you be the judge of that… but go ahead and play around with this one, make 16 different versions if you have to. You can never have too many alternate mixes as the great DJ pioneers always say.

These are songs I recorded in 2006 so the quality is even worse than normal; hopefully it’s manageable.


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New Song download!

(What are these other worlds?)

Hello everyone, there’s a new track for download over on the download page!  Thank you for anyone who has taken the time to check out some of my art, music, videos, or animations.  Everything counts and every little bit of support that I get is greatly appreciated.

I’ll never stop doing this so long as someone out there is listening.

Download my track No Reason/No Rhyme today!


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Hello!  So I’ve been doing animations again.  I spent about 6 hours today working on one.  Can’t wait to get this finished so I can start another one.



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Day 2

Working working working.  This is fun stuff.  I’m keeping focused and keeping busy.  Look forward to all of the ideas that are going to soon come into the picture.



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Hell Yeah


I have an album finally coming out.  Working on a few final touch ups with my top secret counter-part.  Once it’s ready I’ll release it in a digital format.





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